About the Questions & Answers Bank

100_dargotThe Ministry of Transport and Road Safety's official Q&A bank has been prepared for those wishing to take the computer-based theory test for the various driving licence categories in Israel. This innovative Q&A bank is designed for reviewing and practicing the driving theory source material that has already been learnt.



Theory for Motorcycles

From Monday 04/04/2011, those entitled to be examined for theory on motorcycles, grade A1 and A2 (providing there is no restriction due to age, eyesight, or medical grounds) will be examined for Grade B (Private vehicle).
Anyone holding a "B licence"( Private vehicle) will be exempt from theory on motorcycles, grade A1 and A2.

The Traffic Signs Manual

The Traffic Signs Manual (Hebrew edition)
The traffic signs shown in the theory test are taken from the 255 signs and 87 road markings appearing in the Traffic Signs Manual published by the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety 09/07/2012.

The Theory Test

About the Computer-Based Theory Test
The Driving Theory Test checks your command of traffic rules and regulations, road signs, familiarity with the vehicle, and safe and correct behaviour on the road. It is advisable to pass the theory test before or at the same time as you start driving lessons.

The Driving Licence

A driving licence is the document that authorises you to drive a vehicle, and you are obliged to carry it with you whenever you drive. The licence is valid only when you have paid the licence fee. The temporary licence is valid for six months.
A driving licence that has not been valid for more than a year will be renewed only after the driver has fulfilled the requirements of the Licence Bureau.
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Licence Payments
Israeli Government ePayment Service
Facilitating the issuing of vehicle and driving licenses. Payments via credit card.

The Licence Bureau is at your service!
License Phone
Licence Phone
Calls will be answered Sunday through Thursday, from 07:00-20:00, and on Friday and holiday eves until 13:00, to reply to all your questions about vehicle and driving licenses, and the licensing process.