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Driving Licence Category: B, A1, A2
Private and Commercial Vehicles
All motor vehicles (B) with a maximum all-up weight of up to 3,500 kg, and no more than 8 seats (excluding the driver), including vehicles with a trailer weighing up to 1,500 kg;
Two-wheeled vehicles (motorcycles): includes the various sizes of motorcycles under A.
Category: B A1 A2
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1 0688. Wheels that are installed on the same axle must be:
2 0689. What is the main function of the auxiliary brake (hand/parking brake)?
3 0696. Which accessories reduce the severity of injury in a road accident?
4 0742. How would you shift to a lower gear while driving uphill in an automatic transmission vehicle, without moving the gear handle?
5 0743. In order to shift gears from parking (P) to Drive (R or D) in an automatic transmission vehicle, you should:
6 0765. “Keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front affects fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear”. Correct or incorrect?
7 0830. What is a hybrid vehicle?
8 0886. In a hybrid vehicle:
9 0935. What are you required to do when the brake-check lamp lights up while driving?
10 0986. How does the braking system of a vehicle work?
11 0987. What might be the consequence of excessive brake use?
12 0988. What would you do to achieve safe driving down a continuous steep slope?
13 0989. What might happen as a result of brake over- heating?
14 0990. How will you recognize brakes overheating?
15 0991. How would you conduct yourself in case of brake overheating as a result of continuous braking?
16 0992. What is the function of the ABS system?
17 0993. What might happen to a vehicle when its wheels get locked?
18 0994. What is “wheel locking”?
19 0995. What is the function of the vehicle’s starter?
20 0996. How should a driver verify that the hydraulic brake system is properly functioning?
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