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21 0997. Why is it necessary to use the handbrake for parking only?
22 0999. What are you required to do if you detect a malfunction in the braking system while driving?
23 1000. How should you use the gearbox while driving on a continuous descent?
24 1001. What is the function of the ABS System?
25 1002. What is the function of the vehicle’s Electronic Stability Program (ESP) System?
26 1003. How does the vehicle’s Electronic Stability Program (ESP) System function during dangerous driving conditions?
27 1004. What system helps to stabilize the vehicle when it is skidding or in danger of rolling over?
28 1005. Why is it important for the vehicle to have intact bumpers (fenders)?
29 1008. Why is it prohibited to install stiff and protruding accessories inside the passenger compartment?
30 1009. What is the relation between the vehicle’s air bags and safety belts during an accident?
31 1010. When air bags are installed in a vehicle:
32 1011. What is the SRS (Supplemental Restraint System) airbag system?
33 1012. What factor might undermine seat belt functioning and efficiency whilst driving?
34 1013. What is the significance of the head rests on the vehicle’s seats during an accident from behind?
35 1014. What part of the vehicle reduces whiplash during collision?
36 1015. What are the side effects of using malfunctioning windshield wipers?
37 1016. Does the vehicle’s engine have an effect on safe driving?
38 1017. By driving correctly and moderately, and maintaining proper tire air pressure:
39 1018. When is it recommended to check tire pressure?
40 1019. What are you required to check when one of the vehicle’s lamps is not working?
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