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61 1042. How can we reduce air pollution caused by the vehicle’s gas emissions?
62 1045. What is the function of the vehicle’s auxiliary (parking/hand) brake?
63 1046. When is it required to check the vehicle’s air polluting emissions?
64 1047. What danger might be caused due to low air pressure in one of the front wheels?
65 1048. Which of the vehicle’s systems might cause an uneven wear of the front tires?
66 1049. What might be causing the steering wheel to be pulled, in a non voluntary manner, to either side whilst driving?
67 1050. What is the correct order of actions while changing a wheel?
68 1051. The required air pressure in the vehicle’s tires:
69 1052. What is the function of the vehicle’s dashboard( Control panel)
70 1055. What should a driver do when he detects a safety failure in the steering wheel or brakes while driving?
71 1056. Who is permitted to repair vehicle safety part failures?
72 1057. What is “preventive maintenance” of a vehicle?
73 1058. What is considered as a proper vehicle maintenance frequency?
74 1059. What will be the result of moderate driving, without performing heavy engine accelerations?
75 1062. Which vehicle component (part) engages or disengages the rotational movement from the engine to the gear box?
76 1064. What is the risk of using the GPS navigation system while driving?
77 1065. What is a vehicle GPS navigation system?
78 1066. Where would you place the jack stand while changing a wheel?
79 1067. The auxiliary (parking/hand) brake may also be used:
80 1068. When we want to verify that the vehicle’s tire air pressure is correct:
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