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81 1069. Which of the following warning indicators does not require the driver to stop driving when it lights-up?
82 1077. What safety measures should be taken before lifting the vehicle with a jack stand?
83 1079. What are you required to do when the engine temperature lamp indicates engine overheating?
84 1080. What regular vehicle maintenance check-ups should be performed by the driver?
85 1081. The level of which types of fluids is a driver required to check in his vehicle?
86 1287. How would you ensure economic fuel consumption?
87 1288. You may reduce your vehicle’s fuel consumption by:
88 1289. Regular vehicle maintenance, in accordance with the manufacturer’s manual, will:
89 1290. One of the differences between manual and automatic transmission vehicles is that:
90 1468. The manufacure date of a vehicle’s tire is:
91 1485. What are the vehicle's “emergency lights”?
92 1498. To disconnect the engine from the wheels, you should:
93 1499. What should a driver verify before lifting his car to change a wheel?
94 1562. When the hand (parking) brake light on the dashboard is turned on while driving:
95 1578. What are the vehicle’s control systems?
96 1621. What maintenance work is required on a motorcycle?
97 1629. If a rider feels that the motorcycle foot brake,does not work efficently he should:
98 1656. What should you check when purchasing a new tire for your vehicle?
99 1670. How can you know that the brake pads are worn out and needs to be replaced?
100 1673. What should you carefully check while purchasing a used tire for your vehicle?
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