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Driving Licence Category: B, A1, A2
Private and Commercial Vehicles
All motor vehicles (B) with a maximum all-up weight of up to 3,500 kg, and no more than 8 seats (excluding the driver), including vehicles with a trailer weighing up to 1,500 kg;
Two-wheeled vehicles (motorcycles): includes the various sizes of motorcycles under A.
Category: B A1 A2
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1 0001. Who is under obligation to be familiar with the traffic laws and obey them?
2 0002. Under what conditions can a person drive a motor vehicle?
3 0003. What is the duty of a person who owns or has control of a vehicle?
4 0004. Apart from a driving instructor, who may escort a “new driver”?
5 0005. Is a policeman allowed to detain without a warrant a driver who committed an offence in front of him?
6 0006. A police officer may revoke a driver’s license for a period of thirty days:
7 0007. A police officer may revoke a driver’s license for a period of sixty days:
8 0008. When may a police officer revoke a driver’s license for a period of ninety days?
9 0009. What is the penalty for driving whilst disqualified?
10 0010. What is the legal definition of a “road”
11 0011. What is the legal definition of “lighting up time”
12 0012. Define “parking”
13 0013. A utility tractor is a tractor type that:
14 0014. Define “ATV (All Terrain Vehicle)”:
15 0016. Define “one way street”
16 0017. What is “night time”?
17 0018. The following picture shows a pavement. Which of the following sentences is correct?
18 0019. What is an “Interchange”?
19 0021. The boundary of the intersection / junction is determined by:
20 0022. A back seat passenger must wear a seatbelt. Who is held responsible if a back seat passenger doesn’t wear his seat-belt?
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