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121 0125. Are you permitted to pass another vehicle on its right side?
122 0126. When another vehicle drives in the turning left only lane:
123 0127. The Points system of the Licensing Authority:
124 0128. When are you permitted to pass another vehicle on its right side?
125 0129. When is it permitted to overtake another vehicle?
126 0130. When is it forbidden to overtake, or to try overtaking, another vehicle?
127 0131. Is it permitted to overtake, or to try overtaking, another vehicle within a distance of 100 meters before a railway crossing?
128 0132. When you approach a pedestrian crossing:
129 0133. When crossing an intersection with one lane in each driving direction:
130 0134. When are you forbidden to overtake another vehicle?
131 0135. What should a driver of an overtaken vehicle do?
132 0136. When is a driver required to drive on an asphalt paved hard shoulder?
133 0137. What gap should be maintained from the vehicle that is driving in front of us?
134 0138. What is the minimal gap that you should legally maintain from the vehicle in front of you?
135 0139. What is a reasonable vehicle speed?
136 0141. In which cases are you legally obliged to slow down?
137 0143. In which cases are you obliged to slow down?
138 0146. Is it permitted to perform an emergency brake for any reason other than to prevent a road accident?
139 0147. Which vehicles are permitted to enter a freeway?
140 0148. What is the maximum permitted speed for driving an all-terrain vehicle?
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