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• Public Service Vehicles (D)
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21 0022. A back seat passenger must wear a seatbelt. Who is held responsible if a back seat passenger doesn’t wear his seat-belt?
22 0023. What is a “pedestrian crossing”?
23 0024. Define level crossing:
24 0025. What is “all up weight”?
25 0026. What is “own weight”?
26 0027. When a driver gives “right of way”, it means that:
27 0028. When is it permitted to overtake, in one go, two vehicle that are driving before you on your lane
28 0029. Define an “axle” of a vehicle:
29 0030. Who is a “road user”?
30 0031. Define “to dip the lights”:
31 0032. Define “Junction”:
32 0033. Define “stop line”:
33 0034. Define “play street”:
34 0035. What is a “rigid veicle”?
35 0036. Define “slow moving vehicle”:
36 0037. Which of the following is an emergency vehicle?
37 0038. Is it permitted to drive passengers for hire in a private passenger car?
38 0039. What is the definition of an “obsolete vehicle” in regard to private passenger cars?
39 0040. What is a “private passenger car”?
40 0041. When a vehicle is disqualified from use on the road:
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