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1 0043. When driving in reverse:
2 0140. Under which circumstances should you slow down your driving?
3 0142. When you arrive with your vehicle to the place that is illustrated in the following picture, you must:
4 0144. According to the following picture you are obliged to:
5 0145. When is it permitted to perform an emergency stop?
6 0179. How would you conduct yourself when approaching the intersection that is depicted in the following picture?
7 0185. How would you conduct yourself under the situation that is depicted in the following picture?
8 0188. What should you do when you are about to start driving after stopping or parking at the side of the roadway?
9 0194. Driving down a long steep hill on a n Inter-urban road
10 0257. When driving in reverse:
11 0301. Does a-can of beer have a lesser effect on a driver compared to a whisky shot?
12 0302. “Beer is not considered as an alcoholic drink”:
13 0309. “You are allowed to drive under the influence of alcohol, as long as you do not mix different types of drinks”: Correct or incorrect?
14 0311. “Alcohol slows down the driver’s ability to respond”: Correct or incorrect?
15 0312. “Drinking alcohol disrupts the driver’s judgment and as a result he takes more risks”: Correct or incorrect?
16 0313. “Drinking alcohol disrupts the coordination between limbs”: Correct or incorrect?
17 0314. “Drinking a large quantity of alcohol disrupts the driver’s peripheral vision and field of vision”: Correct or incorrect?
18 0315. ”When you drink alcohol, it will take you more time to recover from dazzling(blinding)”. Correct or incorrect?
19 0316. “Drinking alcohol has an adverse effect on eyesight”: Correct or incorrect?
20 0317. “Drinking alcohol impairs the driver’s ability to estimate distances and speeds”: Correct or incorrect?
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