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• Public Service Vehicles (D)
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141 0877. What are you always obliged to do while driving in reverse?
142 0878. The silver vehicle (1) exits from parking while driving in reverse. What would be your reaction?
143 0879. What should a driver do when he intends to turn right?
144 0880. What should you do when your driving lane is blocked by the double-parked silver vehicle (marked with a circle)?
145 0881. What is the required conduct of a driver that exits a dirt road and intends to enter a paved road?
146 0882. According to the following picture, is it permitted to deviate to the opposite lane?
147 0883. How would a strong side-wind affect the movement of the tall truck?
148 0884. What effect does the distance between vehicles have on the overtaking process?
149 0885. According to the following indications, how many vehicles are standing in front of you?
150 0887. What are you required to do when you see that the overtaking silver vehicle intends to return to the right lane?
151 0888. What is the driver of the silver vehicle required to do according to the following picture?
152 0889. How should the driver of the silver vehicle respond, when the driver of the dark vehicle wants to park his vehicle in reverse between two vehicles next to the sidewalk?
153 0890. What is the purpose of the “hard shoulder” on freeways?
154 0892. What risks should be taken into account on the following roadway?
155 0893. A driver approaches a pedestrian crossing marked on the road.Although ther are no pedestrians on the crossing. The driver should,
156 0895. According to the following picture, what caused the poor field of vision?
157 0896. In the following picture, the response of the drivers to the vehicle that comes out of parking is unclear. How is the truck driver required to respond to this situation?
158 0897. How is a driver supposed to deal with a situation in which pedestrians are crossing his driving lane on a crossing whilst he is making a right turn?
159 0898. You are driving a vehicle that approaches the cyclist in the picture from behind. What risk might be posed by the cyclist ?
160 0899. What are you required to do when the truck in the picture enters your driving lane?
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