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• Light Trucks (C1), • Heavy Trucks (C),
• Public Service Vehicles (D)
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381 1699. A panoramic mirror:
382 1701. The risk of skidding on a wet road is greater:
383 1703. Which driver related ability is impaired during fog?
384 1704. Accidents that are a result of driver fatigue might occur:
385 1705. How would you avoid colliding with a vehicle that drives in the same direction you?
386 1709. Driving at night with the high beam can cause:
387 1715. Whilst driving on a rough road, you should:
388 1719. What might be the cause of loss of control of a vehicle?
389 1721. The auxiliary (parking/hand) brake is used by the driver:
390 1723. A road accident is an incident
391 1733. What should a motorcycle rider do when he steps on the foot brake, but the foot brake doesn’t function?
392 1734. How would you drive a motorcycle on a rough non-urban road?
393 1735. When approaching a junction with no traffic signs and you wish to turn right, whilst another vehicle approaches the junction from your opposite direction, you should:
394 1738. When approaching a vehicle that unloads children, you should:
395 1754. When a rear camera is installed in a vehicle:
396 1765. How is a driver required to adjust the vehicle’s head rest?
397 1770. A cement mixer is:
398 1773. A freeway is designated for:
399 1790. Is there a connection between the driver’s judgment and the use of drugs and alcohol?
400 1791. When is there a danger of vehicle skidding?
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