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• Public Service Vehicles (D)
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41 0740. How would you conduct yourself in a vehicle with automatic transmission, when driving down a continuous steep road?
42 0741. How would you start the engine of an automatic transmission vehicle?
43 0745. Why is it important to drive on the right side of the road?
44 0746. What is the advantage of driving on the right side of the road?
45 0748. What is the advantage of driving on the right side of the road?
46 0749. How does driving on the right side of the road affect drivers' field of vision?
47 0750. What is the advantage of driving on the right side of the road?
48 0760. What risks are caused when you deviate abruptly between lanes?
49 0761. What is required in order to change lanes without causing any disturbance or risk?
50 0762. What is the correct way for changing lanes?
51 0763. How should one change lanes?
52 0766. What is the order of actions to be taken in order to stop or park?
53 0769. What is the main problem a driver faces when he approaches an intersection?
54 0770. How can a driver handle the many tasks he needs to perform when approaching an intersection?
55 0771. How does a multitude of traffic signs before an intersection affect the driver’s response?
56 0772. In order to overtake safely, the overtaking driver should:
57 0774. What is the main risk of approaching an intersection on a wet road?
58 0775. How does pedestrian behavior in the area of the intersection affect drivers?
59 0776. What are the specific risks and problems in crossing intersections?
60 0778. Which of the following sentences is correct, as regards to the behavior of pedestrian near an intersection:
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