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61 0779. What is the first action taken by drivers before crossing an intersection?
62 0781. What is the most important principle when turning right in an intersection?
63 0782. What risk is a driver facing while making a right turn?
64 0789. You arrived to an intersection that is not clear:(free)
65 0794. What are the risks in making a U-turn?
66 0797. What should a driver always do before making left a U-turn?
67 0799. What is the main risk of driving in reverse?
68 0800. What is a “blind spot”?
69 0801. What is the best way to reduce the dangers whilst driving in reverse?
70 0804. What are the risks of driving in high speeds?
71 0805. What is the advantage of driving at a low speed during dangerous situations?
72 0806. What is the effect of driving at a high speed during an accident?
73 0807. What is the meaning of the term “driving at a reasonable speed”?
74 0808. What problem faces a vehicle driver who is driving at a high speed?
75 0809. What is the relation between the vehicles speed and the vehicle’s stopping distance?
76 0810. What is a vehicle’s “stopping distance”?
77 0811. What are the components of the stopping distance?
78 0812. The driver’s reaction distance is the distance covered by the vehicle:
79 0813. The vehicle’s braking distance is the distance covered by the vehicle:
80 0814. Keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front of us is required:
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