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81 0815. What is the distance we are required to keep from the vehicle in front of us while driving?
82 0816. What effect does keeping distance have on the driver’s field of vision?
83 0817. What effect does driving whilst keeping proper distance from the vehicle in front has on the vehicle’s fuel consumption and wear?
84 0818. What characterizes a state of driving in which proper distance from the vehicle in front is kept?
85 0819. What is a driver always required to do when another vehicle “sits on his tail”?
86 0820. What is the proven and recommended method for keeping proper distance from the vehicle driving in front of us?
87 0821. When are we required to keep a more-than-customary distance from the vehicle driving in front of us?
88 0822. When is it permitted to pass more than one vehicle during one overtaking maneuver?
89 0823. It is prohibited to start overtaking without verifying
90 0824. One of the conditions justifying an overtaking of a driving vehicle is:
91 0825. Select the correct sentence:
92 0826. When you are overtaking another vehicle on a two-lane two-way roadway:
93 0827. How would you get the attention of the overtaken vehicle’s driver while overtaking on a freeway (motorway)?
94 0828. You are driving in a two-lane one-way street and try to overtake the vehicle driving in front of you. The main risk in deviating to the left is:
95 0831. What are the actions you are required to take, before intentionally pulling onto the “hard shoulder” of a non-urban road?
96 0832. What are the most important conditions in order to safely pull onto the “hard shoulder”?
97 0833. What is the correct way for pulling onto a “hard shoulder” which is lower than the road?
98 0834. Where would you stand your vehicle after being required to pull onto the “hard shoulder”?
99 0835. What are the preliminary actions a driver must perform while getting back up to the road from the “hard shoulder”?
100 0836. What is the first stage in getting back on the road from the “hard shoulder”?
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