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381 1760. Which of the following road signs directs traffic to an interchange leading to a Freeway ( motorwat)
382 1761. How would you conduct yourself when a “stop” sign is placed on the right side of a two-lane one-way roadway?
383 1763. Is it obligatory to obey a portable traffic sign held by a member of the road safety guards?
384 1769. How is a pedestrian crossing marked?
385 1772. Can lawful roadway marking be considered as a road sign?
386 1776. Is it permitted to drive on a separation area?
387 1787. When a traffic light in a junction displays a flashing green light:
388 1801. What sign signifies a charging point foe electric vehicles?
389 1802. What sign signifies a station for changing a battery of an electric vehicle?
390 1803. What sign warns of a traffic accident ahead?
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